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Social Distancing Window Clings- A Better Alternative to Reveal Safety Messages

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Remind your customers and employees to keep their distance! It is important that people in your office or shop need to socially distance asn wear a mask.  Many retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, banks, schools,  and other organizations need Social Distancing Window & Wall Clings. It helps those who are entering your space know that you are a safe environment and doing your part in keeping people safe.  It limits limit the spreading of Covid-19 and helps customers get around your establishment safely.

The Social-Distancing Window Clings and Wall Clings will remind employees, visitors, and customers to keep the minimum distance and to wear a mask when entering. It helps them keep six feet apart while interacting, shopping, or even working. It is a simple and inexpensive way to reveal the message to both indoor or outdoor viewers effectively. The Social-Distancing Window Clings and Wall Clings we offer are eye catching and visible on any windows or walls. Leave it to us and our printing expertise to print graphics that are easy to apply, durable and eye catching. Place these clings on windows, doors and walls in your establishment.

socialdistancing wallclings

Our Window Clings and Wall Clings are easy to install and are repositionable. No adhesive or sticky backing. Just apply to a smooth surface (windows or walls). Our Social-Distancing Window Clings and Wall Clings can adhere to most indoor and outdoor wall surfaces. It is easy to remove it from any smooth surface and reapply or move to a different place.

The Social Distancing Wall Clings we produce can benefit you and your customers no matter whether you use them in your business or educational institution or banks, or grocery store. We have dozens of pre designed window and wall clings for social distancing and mask wearing and a combination of the two. They come in various colors to match your branding. But if you would prefer to have your own logo or custom designed graphic we can do that as well.

Do you need any help with a Custom Design Wall or Window Clings? The expert graphic designers at Express Graphics can help you bring your vision to life. Please complete our online custom order form, or call us at 336-765-9335 and one of our customer service representatives will contact you soon!