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Eight Reasons to Use Pillowcase Display as Event Backdrops

Pillowcase Display

We do not have a clue how frequently we have seen repulsive event backdrops. You know, the backdrops that have overlap and wrinkles in them, or the sort that have printing too big or some unacceptable size hardware, is utilized and every one of the excess printed material simply pours out onto the ground. Then again, the sort that utilizations zip ties. We could go on; however, you presumably get the idea.

This, to us, is a terrible design. Moreover, with awful design, you lose trust. So with regards to having an effect at events and acquiring the trust of your participants, your visuals should be on point!

Here are eight reasons why Pillowcase Display from us at Express Graphics is ideal for event backdrops.

Have Frameless Wall Like Display

The two most basic tension fabric styles are SEG and pillowcase. Silicone edge designs have an essentially frameless look, or if you pick a pillowcase frame style, no one will notice the frame. Our Pillowcase Banner has design and development using the latest technology. The lightweight but durable aluminum supporting hardware is inside the print, making it invisible.

Perfect Tension all Through

With a color, sublimated printed texture graphics, and an aluminum-built frame, you will get a backdrop with ideal strain all through the presentation. It will have an appearance like a divider. This implies no wilting or waves in the texture.

No Possibility of Creases

You can have a perpetual step and repeat or stage backdrop that traverses say for 50′ or more? When imprinted on texture, the Pillowcase Graphics that you have from us can be in one piece without creases.

Illustrations Go Right Down to the Floor

In contrast to other display hardware, when the texture has used with our tension fabric frames, we can get the graphics right to the floor. This makes for a better design.

It is also good to know that if you desire to have 8 feet straight Pillowcase Display from us, we will deliver it to you in a day. Moreover, we do not charge anything for the shipment.

No Glare With the Texture 

As we use fabric for the Pillowcase Banner that we design and manufacture, you get no glare. Vinyl backdrops have a sheen and can make glare which is not best for ideal photography.


It is not that you will only have to promote your organization in one event. You need to be at different events and carry the banner with you. When contrasted with inflexible board graphics, the fabric is lightweight and can be rolled or packed for simple transportation. This nature makes out tension fabric ideal to us at different events.

Option to Backlit the Display

All our event backdrops have the option to be illuminated. Illuminated texture takes your branding to the following level and makes sure to help have an effect. The backlit option and the professional Pillowcase Printing that you can have from us will help you have a promotional display that attracts the eye of every passerby.

Use of Eco-Fabric

You can have peace of mind that you stand by nature as we use eco-fabric made from recycled materials to develop the display.

So, now you know how beneficial it is to have a Pillowcase Display from us at Express Graphics. Waiting to, have a call from you before the next event that you attend.