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Impressive Advantages of Social Distancing Decals For Your Business

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Social Distancing has necessarily become a new way of life and is a great way to help slow down the spread of COVID-19. Social Distancing Floor Graphics act as a gentle reminder to alert people that they need to keep a safe distance from each other. Social Distancing Decals for businesses, banks, pharmacies, post offices, or grocery stores are of utmost help where queuing takes place.

The Social Distancing Floor Decals ensure both customers and staff keep the required distance from each other to stay safe and curb the spread of contagious viruses.

With its growing popularity, Express Graphics has already adopted the popular Custom Floor Graphics and created circular Social Distancing Decals that businesses can use for the social distancing purpose.

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The Benefits of Social Distancing Floor Graphics

The Plenty of Business Benefits Include –

1.Customer Distancing: Social Distancing stickers are a great way to implement all the necessary health preventive measures. Simply put these Social Distancing Decals on the floor six-feet from each other to ensure that the customers adhere to the required distancing while queuing. These graphics can be used both indoors and outdoors.

2.Easy-To-Fix Solution: With the global pandemic going on, these floor decals are a great temporary and permanent solution. You can also remove the stickers if needed, as they will have the longevity to last for months on end.

3.Customer Awareness: For the customers who do not have access to any social media or news channels, you can use these Social Distancing Graphics to keep them posted regarding certain information. The 12 and 18-inch stickers produced by Express Graphics are completely personalisable, meaning your business can include delivery service, new operating hours, in-store hygiene tips, etc.

4.Shows Solidarity: Practising Social Distancing or any other protective measures can keep your staff and customers safe. And by using Social Distancing Floor Graphics, you will show solidarity to your customers that we are all in this together.


Although retail stores and shops tend to be the biggest users of floor graphics, several other industries also take advantage of this marketing and safety tool –

1.Office Parties
6.Museums or Historical Places

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Social Distancing Floor Graphics by Express Graphics

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your staff and customers safe. By using Social Distancing Decals, you ensure everyone who enters your place of business that they are being valued and taken care of.

If you are ready to reap the advantage of floor graphics for your business or organisation, or you would like to learn more, do give us a call on (336) 765-9335 today.