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How to Keep Your Customers Safe During COVID

social distancing


Shops, restaurants and establishments in Winston Salem are opening for business. They are using the well designed and printed Social Distancing Decals from us at Express Graphics to communicate relevant information to their delegates, their clients, and the organizations they serve.

Mask Wearing and Social Distancing is essential for your organization — and having the right signage to let your customers know your requirements is also essential. Whether or not your organization is continuing to offer critical services and products, or opening back up to the public — your ultimate objective to have everyone wear masks and  social distance from each other.

social distancing decals

We can help Express Graphics can print floor decals and wall decals for your organization. We have over a dozen pre-designed graphics for floor graphics. This includes social distancing messages, mask wearing messages and both. These come in various colors to match your identity. We can also print from your file — so if your team wants to incorporate logos corporate colors we can help you there as well. And the good part is — it just takes a day to get these out to you.

Our Floor Graphics are easy to install. Whether it is for indoors or outdoors we have options for both. It’s a peel and stick type of process and the surface of the graphic is non-skid.

Tips to Help You Stand Out: 

  1. Use colors that will stand out in your shop. Make sure it grabs your customer’s attention.
  2. Custom cuts can be an effective way to grab attention. From circular to a totally custom shape that reflects your company’s identity.
  3. Display these signs in numbers. Having multiple graphics on the floor or walls of your establishment will help reiterate your message.
  4. Consistency in your message goes a long way. Having your signs match color and style throughout your organization. For instance graphics on the door matches the one’s on the floor and walls gives a consistent and unified look.

Do remember us at Express Graphics when you desire to have any printing work done professionally at an affordable rate. We will be happy to serve you to have the best of Social Distancing Decals in Winston Salem.