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Get Your Business Ready to Reopen with Social Distancing Clings

Window Clings


The past few months have changed the world. Use of facemasks, Social Distancing, and staying at home has become the norm. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to remain closed for most of the year. However, businesses are reopening and welcoming staff and customers into their workplaces. At Express Graphics, we offer the best of help to business houses to reopen while maintaining Social Distance. Businesses can use our Social Distancing Wall Clings to help their customers and staff adhere to the norms and regulations. Both for Social Distancing and Mask Wearing.

How Business Houses are Adhering to Social Distancing Norms?

Many Businesses in Winston-Salem, NC, have adapted the Social Distancing and Mask Wearing and take advantage of Social Distancing stickers from us. Stickers and clings help store owners make their clients aware of the Social Distancing norms and ensure safety for all. Today you can notice such Social Distancing and Mask Wearing requirement stickers of ours at many business establishments all over Winston-Salem, NC.

Social Distancing Window Clings

The Social Distancing Plan to Reopen a Business

There needs to be proper planning as to how to maintain Social Distance within a store. We help businesses and restaurants to plan the strategy so that they do not have to close their establishments again due to COVID-19 infections.

We help our clients to identify the areas where people gather and locate the ideal place to display Social Distancing and Mask Wearing required Window and Wall Clings. We even help business houses redesign their workplace so that their clients do not face any problem to maintain Social Distance. We also advise our clients to limit the entry of customers inside the shop to avoid any gathering. Our Signs and Clings also help our customers to maintain hygiene and advise customers and employees to wear a face mask to enter their establishments.

You can order pre-made clings or we can print/design from your own specs. Check out our website to see the designs we offer.