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Advantages Of A Printed Pop Up Event Tent For Your Sporting Team

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Your sporting team toils hard at practices & games, so you spend so much time at community events, around the field and at stadiums. Whether you are in search of a way to arrange an official meeting spot or wish to get out of the sun, when it’s about giving your team the winning edge, a top-quality custom pop up tent justifies your effort.


Here are some of the advantages of a printed pop up tent for your sporting team:


Represent Your Team in Style:

You take great pride in your team which should be reflected in your equipment. It’s time to say good-bye to solid color and buy custom printed pop up Event Tents in Winston Salem for official team representation. Your website, name and logo are easy to fit on a top which makes it difficult to miss a custom tent in an ocean of solid colors.


Generate Additional Sponsor Opportunities:

Your sponsors assist your sporting team with event opportunities, equipment, and defraying costs. You wish to let them know you admire the help, but you cannot put their logos on your uniform. You’ve another extremely discernible option with your canopy, as sponsor logos can lime the important custom printed top. Once the tent goes up, the sponsors can be visible from far away and the logos are far larger than you could fit on helmets or uniforms. You may create extra sponsor opportunities by offering your existing sponsors high visibility advertising.


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Protect Your Team from the Sun, UV rays, and rain:

Your team spends so much time outside, which exposes them to the sun, UV rays, rain and other outdoor elements. Jackets and sunscreen can handle these issues, but they don’t offer total protection. Your players can limit their contact to the aforementioned elements by gathering together beneath the roof of your custom printed pop up tents. Also, you give parents the assurance that their kids will limit the time they spend in possible hazardous weather.


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